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About Our Murder Mysteries

You ever wanted to get rid of someone? Well here's your chance, and we'll be sure you get away with it.


We invite you to come join us for our famous Murder Mystery Nights- an evening filled with laughter, dining and crime solving. WHAT BETTER WAY TO CATCH UP WITH FRIENDS!!! But choose your group wisely

because remember

Friends help you hide the body... REALLY good friends help you get rid of the witness 

~How our Murders work~

We have a variety of themes for our private Murder functions, from Grand Gatsby to Escape Rooms to Game of Crowns and now including Sherlock Holmes Baker Street Murder. So find your inner detective, throw on a snazzy costume, gather your group of 12+ and come on down.

Once we have your commitment and the date is set, we then send you and your guests a unique character. This is your identity for the evening. It explains your title and how you dress. Then the fun begins, get you outfit together and turn up at the event ready for crime and corruption.

The evening is divided into 3 rounds and you are guided on what to ask and what to reveal if asked. Take note of what people say because during dinner someone will be knocked off and if its not you then you need all of those clues to work out who did do the murder.

Our Murders need a minimum of 12 people and a can accommodate for a maximum of 50 (Escape Rooms have a maximum of 16). They do take time to put together so reasonable notice is required before the event.

we also have accommodation packages for group bookings only that include bus transfer return to your hotel. Dead or Alive!


a non refundable deposit of $35pp is required to secure the date and host of the event


$85 PP inclusive of a 3 course meal, welcoming drink and a host who will guide you through this night of terror and plan your evening of murder.

Canapes to start, Beef & Guinness yorkshire pudding topped pie and sticky date pudding. all dietary requirements are catered for by individual including vegan, gluten free, kids etc

Need Transport, look no further than Desi Buses & Tours, very reasonable rates and great service 0499 033 110

Choose Your Theme

The Grand Gatsby

Escape Room

A Game of Crowns

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